Established 2016

A little bit of history...

Tirpentwys Trails are unofficial tracks that were founded by Ryan Bullimore also known as the site manager and Joel Kembrey, whilst on a local uplift day on 10th March 2016 for Ryan’s birthday. The Wayleave that is now the six Iconic tracks that make Tirpentwys trails; Bob Gnarly, Bob More Gnarly, Grannies Fanny, Do-Able, Dasher and Gnarliness, was spotted as a good place to cut out a few lines. Work commenced about April that year and with the endless enthusiasm of Ryan Bullimore and a close troop of local riders, the trails progressed.

These trails were built with a passion towards mountain biking with the intention of providing trails for the local builders to enjoy (No dig, No ride).

By 2017

Word starts to spread...

Over time the trails were discovered and by January 2017, the trails local carpark was regularly full. The council were contacted by the ‘site manager’ (Ryan Bullimore) and official litter picker – Jason, that there were forthcoming issues with the parking, resulting in the council meeting to resolve this issue. The future of the trails was then discussed, and it was agreed that the crew members would approach NRW about the unofficial trails.

By March 2017, the word of the trails had spread via social media with visitors from all over the country coming to ride the trails. Natural Resource Wales (NRW) were made aware of the trails via Strava heat maps, by which time, over 2000 manpower hours had already gone in to the trails and “Britain’s best hidden bike park” was ready to be made official.

Thanks to the

Local Mountain Biking Vicar...

NRW visited Tirpentwys to see what was happening on their land and was surprised to find a bike park built to such a high standard. Whilst on an afternoon ride, the local mountain biking vicar came across the mountain bike ranger who asked if he knew who built the trails, and if so, could he ask them to contact NRW.

Within twenty-four hours, the site manager contacted NRW, who were very surprised to get such a prompt response. A meeting was arranged and the possibility of taking ownership of the land was discussed, along with responsibilities such as health and safety, hazard awareness and legal insurance.

Tirpentwys trail crew are looking to carry on the legacy of Ryan Bullimore, who is unfortunately no longer with us, but will forever be watching you send it.

The Trail Crew

The trail fairies who help keep the trails running sweet.

Jason Bullimore

Director, Trail Builder/ Coordinator

Mihael Tomanic

Director, Trail Builder/ Coordinator

Ceri Edmunds

Secretary, Social Media

Colin Farr

Trail Builder, Committee Member

Aleesha Bullimore


Shane Hooper

Trail Builder, Committee member

Ethan Lomas

Trail Builder

Liam Lloyd

Trail Builder

Daniel Green

Trail Builder

Jack Davies

Trail Builder

Callum Chapman

Trail Builder

Kyus Addison

Trail Builder

Molly (the dog)





Trail Builder


Trail Builder


For what we are about to ride, to Ryan we are forever grateful.

Tirpentwys Trails


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